factory marble lion statues for driveway

Place of Origin: China Model Number: FMI-233 Size :customized size Material: natural Marble Package: Strong Wooden Case Service: Customize Acceptable Payment: T/T, Western Union

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The Western Marble Lion, is a beautiful sculpture made of high quality marble. In Western culture, marble lions represent great qualities such as courage, strength, glory, and victory, and have become an indispensable treasure in architectural design. Their carving techniques emphasize fineness, delicacy, dynamism and vitality, and are extremely rich in artistic value and cultural connotation. The carving process of Western marble lions needs to be carefully carved through multiple processes. First of all, the sculptor should accurately locate and outline all the details of the lion image according to the design drawings. The marble is then cut and shaped to the size and appearance required by the design. Then, on the basis of the already formed marble, start to carve finely. In this process, the sculptor needs to use his own craftsmanship, using a knife as a pen, to gradually carve the facial features, hair, muscles and claws of the lion image. Finally, through repeated filing, polishing and other procedures, a flawless and lifelike lion image is polished. In Western culture, the marble lion represents the image of strength, courage, loyalty and arrogance, which has certain similarities with the lion culture in Chinese culture. However, in Western culture, marble lions have a wider meaning to people. They are not only symbolic containers and architectural decorations, but also elements of national pride and cultural identity in Western culture.

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