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Place of Origin: China Model Number: FMI-224 Size :customized size Material: natural Marble Package: Strong Wooden Case Service: Customize Acceptable Payment: T/T, Western Union Exw Factory : USD1599.0 - 2999.0/1 pc

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The leopard, also known as the leopard tiger, can be said to be an agile hunter, with a strong body, agile movements, great strength, and a fast running speed. The sprint speed can reach about 90 kilometers per hour, and the normal speed is 80 kilometers per hour. The leopard has a tall body, beautiful lines, strong sexuality, and agile movements. It is a symbol of majesty and strength. The head of the leopard is small and round, the ears are short, the back of the ears are black, the ear tips are yellow, and the base is also yellow, with sparse black spots. The iris is yellow, the pupil shrinks into a circle under strong light, and glows phosphorescent in the dark. The canine teeth are well-developed, and the surface of the tongue is covered with many keratinized anatrophic spines. There are 5 rows of oblique beards on the upper side of the mouth. There are small black spots on the forehead, between and under the eyes, and on the cheeks. The body's coat color is bright, the back is apricot yellow, the neck, chest, abdomen and the inner side of the limbs are white, the back of the ears is black with a prominent white spot, the tip of the tail is black, the whole body is covered with black spots, and the head is small. But dense, the spots on the back are dense and large, and the spots are round or oval plum-shaped patterns, which are quite similar to ancient copper coins, so they are also called "leopards". Every leopard in the world has its own unique spot pattern, just like human fingerprints are different. Leopards are also the top killers in the animal world, second only to lions and tigers. The leopard can be said to be a perfect hunter, with a fitness profile, agility, and a running speed of up to 90 kilometers per hour. Can swim and climb trees. He has quick temperament, good sense of smell, hearing and vision, extraordinary intelligence, and strong concealment. These are things that tigers and lions can't do. Leopards have very strong physical abilities, abnormal vision and smell, alert temperament, can swim, and are good at climbing trees. They have become a carnivorous with a wide range of eating habits and bold and fierce. Good at jumping and climbing, usually living alone, haunting at night or early morning and evening. Often wandering back and forth in the forest, fierce by nature, but generally does not hurt people.

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