large outdoor life size metal garden bronze brass flying eagle statues sculpture for sale

Place of Origin: China Model Number: ZTD – 231 Size : customized Material: Bronze Package: Strong Wooden Case Service: Customize Acceptable Payment: T/T, Western Union    

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The eagle in the picture looks to be in high spirits and it is spreading its wings and trying to fly high. “Freedom”, “strength”, “courage” and “victory” are all meanings of the eagle. The eagle has the spirit of tenacity, the tenacity of perseverance, the tenacity of perseverance, and the tenacity of not giving up until the goal is reached. Therefore, many people admire the eagle very much. This bronze eagle sculpture could be placed in your own home as a decoration or as a gift for a friend or colleague. When your friend has made great progress in his career, you could use this sculpture to inspire him and encourage him to continue to move forward to achieve greater success.1.Make clay film; all of our bronze sculptures are to make clay film in advance and strictly according to the ratio of 1:1. 2.Turn over the mold; simple modeling can be turned with plaster, complex modeling with silicone to turn. 3.Waxing; after turning the mold, pour the melted wax into the plaster mold or silicone mold, and wait for the wax to cool. After disassembling the mold, line up the wax mold. 4.Make the shell; wrap the wax model with quartz sand layer by layer. 5.Casting; (lost wax method) put the wax mold into the heat-resistant mold, burn the paraffin wax inside the shell by high temperature, then pour copper water into the quartz sand. Shell, cool, shape. 6.Sanding, splicing, welding seam treatment. 7.Coloring, oiling, and sealing wax.We would use chemical coloring to color the surface of the sculpture. Chemical coloring is a very magical coloring method, which forms a specific color through the combination of multiple colors and chemical substances. This latest coloring method could ensure that the color is lasting and would not change over time. Of course, Ideal Arts also have many other colors to choose from. Such as brown, black.

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