Life Size Fibergalss Lady Lamp Statue Road Decor for Sale

Place of Origin: China

Model Number: SZD-110

Size :Customize

Material:Fibergalss Package: Strong Wooden Case Service: Customize Acceptable Payment: T/T, Western Union  

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A beautiful road or street is inseparable from the decoration of street lamps. Because in the dark night, we need street lamps to provide us with light. Then a pretty lady lamp statue is a good choice. Because the lamp not only lights you up at night, but can also be used as decorative art on the street. This will definitely make your outdoor street special.Fiberglass sculpture is the general term of a series of sculptures made of Fiberglass material. It is not a single shape, nor a few fixed styles. Glass fiber reinforced plastic (Fiberglass) is a kind of composite material, which is composed of synthetic resin as matrix material and glass fiber and its products as reinforcing material.Because it has many advantages, it is widely used in the sculpture industry. It is highly malleable. Except for small and large sculptures, no matter what shape it is, it can be made. Including now many modern furniture, can be made of glass fiber reinforced plastic, its texture is far higher than our traditional wood furniture, this is one of its advantages. Second, it has good corrosion resistance. The atmosphere, water, acid, alkali, salt, oil and solvent have good resistance. The third is good electrical properties, is an excellent insulation material, used to make insulators. Fourth, the cost is relatively low.For more information on our fiberglass statues, please feel free to contact us, our friendly staff can provide you with a variety of sizes, materials and prices.Ideal Arts not only meticulously crafts, but also pays more attention to the packaging and delivery of products. Our factory is very strict on packaging. First of all, we will use a standard wooden box for packing outside, the thickness of the wooden box is 3 cm. Inside, we'll use soft foam to wrap and secure it.

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